First Time Visitors


Thank you for sharing an interest in wanting to get to know us better. We would love to welcome you to our weekly worship on Sunday mornings at 10am. We hold a traditional worship service that occasionally has a flare of creativity. Our worship service is typically about an hour long.
We are a connectional and multigenerational congregation. All ages are welcome to join us for worship. We do not mind the joyful (or sometimes not so joyful) noise of children in worship.

Parking* is around the back of the church with an entrance through the back of the Christian Education building (block structure with a ramp leading up to an outside door). Upon entering, walk down the long hallway and turn right, continue straight ahead through a doorway and up a few steps into the sanctuary.

Parking is also available on the street. You can enter in the front by coming up the stairs of the sanctuary (white building). As you enter the vestibule, turn either right or left and around the corner to reach the doors of the sanctuary. Or, you can come up the steps of our Christian Education building (brick front). Once inside, turn left through a doorway and up a few steps to enter the sanctuary.

*For handicap parking, please park on the left side of the church and use the handicap ramp going up to the green door. Upon entering that door please turn right and enter into the sanctuary.